Tabula Rasa

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Volume I

  1. She stepped off. It had been a long journey but she was finally here.
  2. Night closed in as a gentle torrent of rain fell around us. We faced one another, I exhaled.
  3. I noticed the source of the light, it was coming up through the gaps in the floorboards. I walked over and lay flat on the floor, pressing my eye to the gap.
  4. Just one step through the door, and he knew he’d come to the wrong place.
  5. I opened the box. It wasn’t there.
  6. You slammed the door and started the engine. The car lurched into action and we tore down the street.
  7. Tom was late with his writing prompt. Tom’s never late with his writing prompt. I gave him a ring.
  8. Space looked nothing like I thought it would.
  9. One man fell past the window. Then another. Then another.
  10. As the siren started you grabbed my arm. Urgency shot through us. It was time.
  11. The flies drifted lazily around the room as the oppressive heat pushed in. A sudden sharp knock on the door awoke him from his nap.
  12. I felt the first tremor of snow caress my trembling skin. We climbed onwards.
  13. She saw him again. The man from the train.
  14. It was hot. We squinted as we glared into the ferocious sun.